Why You Should practice Detachment as a Lifestyle

               As you know, detachment is a word which has the meaning of the state of being objective or aloof. But I wanna say you that, it’s not just a word. Like every word, it has also some different meanings. But detachment has a serious deep meaning which has to be realized by our younger generation.

Detachment is a lifestyle

Nowadays we are living a digital life.we have made a virtual life in social media. I bet you, some of you can’t live without these. Actually, in other words, we are addicted to something serious. Social media is one of the example only. Drugs, dress, soft drinks, games, gadgets, fast food, love, porn… It will be a big list. We are just addicted to everything. Still, we are in bondage or slavery. Here only the word detachment has its importance. Actually, it’s an ancient lifestyle. It was one of the tantras to attain consciousness for yogis. They gave a deep meaning for detachment.

The Bhagavad Gita and detachment

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna had answered to Arjuna about the nature of a man who has attained to steady wisdom. Whose mind is not agitated in adversity who is free from desire, and who is devoid of attachments fear and anger -such a person is called a sage of steady wisdom. According to Buddha and Lord Krishna, desire is the root course of your sadness. Bhagavath Gita said that, don’t be attached to anything. Attachment and affair are sadness.

Yada samharate cayam
Kurmo ngani via sarvasah
Indriyani ndriyarthebhyas
Tasya prajna pratisthita

When a person can withdraw his senses from their objects just like the tortoise its limbs on all sides, his wisdom is firmly set. Detachment is the ruling power of your own mind.

Detachment is not against happiness

By reading this you may think that detachment is a life without any emotions. It’s not true. Its a life of present tense. Detachment teaches a lesson that doesn’t be attached to your future plans or past memories. Just live now. Live freely. But take care. Don’t become attached. Attachments and affairs are sadness. You can use every resource of life. Enjoy everything. But be an observer only. Don’t involve. It is that key for steady wisdom.
Nowadays it’s very important. So just try to follow the lifestyle of detachment. live happily.

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