Who is Naishtika Brahmachari?

       Brahmacharya is a stage of life or lifestyle in the Hindu religion. Those who pass through that stage or lifestyle are called Brahmachari.
In ancient India, Upanishads and Vedas defined the Brahmacharya as a tool to attain the Atman, the liberated self.
Brahmacharya literally means ” conduct consistent with Brahma, the spiritual path”.
In the ancient age, the life of a human considered as hundred years and divided the span into four parts called ashramas.
The first twenty-five years are known as Brahmacharya.
Gruhastha ( householder), Vanaprastha ( forest dweller) and Sannyasa ( renunciation) are the other ashramas.
In the age of Brahmacharya, one should concentrate on his studies with his Guru ( teacher) without any interception of worldly life. He learns about various sciences and arts there.
After that, he will enter Gruhasthasrama and performs the duties of a father and husband.
Vanaprastha is the preparation time for one’s sacrificial life. In this age, he hands over all his responsibilities to his next generation. Sannyasa is the last years of life with the only focus on spiritual liberation.
             There are lots of varieties of Brahmachari practices available. But mainly two type Brahmacharya exist. Upakurvaana and Naishtika.
A Upakurvaana Brahmachari follows the normal rule which I already explained in the above paragraph. He practices celibacy only till his studies is over. But Naishtika Brahmachari remains a celibate till his death.
A Naishtika Brahmachari should have a total control of his organs and emotions. He used to convert his sexual energy into spiritual energy. He is conscious always and detached from the worldly life. By practising celibacy he is trying to utilize the power of veerya ( semen ) to a next level and discover himself.
The final destination of both types of brahmacharies are same ( the self-liberation) but following paths are totally different.
In this century it’s a hilarious thing for a common man to become a Naishtika Brahmachari without a proper guidance of a spiritual Guru.
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