3 Tips to Change Your Mood off Third will Change Your Life

              Mr Sandeep was sitting on his verandah. He was silent. He was looking something carelessly with a lost mind.
I poked him :
” Hey Sandeep, what are you doing here? “
He turned slowly and stared at me.
” Do not disturb. I’m just mood off ”  he said.
I laughed loudly.
” Hey man, why you are in mood off? ”

“I’m in mood off but don’t ask me why “
He again started to look something carelessly.
             Not only Sandeep, but most of the people are also going through this kind of situations. We call this “mood off”.
Sandeep was in mood off but he doesn’t know why.
Mood off without any reason.
There are thousands of reasons could behind your mood off. But you keep on searching about ” mood off status on WhatsApp”.
It is ridiculous!!!
By posting your mood off status on social media, you are spreading a negative vibration. We should not do this.
Actually what we need?
Ultimately we need to change our mood off.
How to change mood off?
Here you have three experienced Tips.
1. Music
              Where are your headphones? I know you have an iPhone, laptop or an Android device? Play your favourite music. Close your eyes and enjoy it. If you know some basic leg movements, then wake up and start making a choreography for your song. It will be very interesting.
Music and dance are the inborn talents in a human.
Just poke it.
You will be “ON”
2.  Breath
              What will you do, if you are in office? Your phones are locked in cupboards and you have a Domain PC which is not allowing you to play a music.
You are in a crucial situation.
You are trapped ..!!!
Now just do this…
Sit down on the chair.
Let your feet touch the ground.
Put your hands on the thigh and take a deep breath.
Hold it for some time. And then exhale. Take more time than inhale to release the breath. Do it at least 3 times.
Changes will happen.
3. No thought
               If you are not willing to do the above two methods, then sit or stand whatever the posture you like. It’s purely about mental exercise. Focus on your thoughts. Follow all your thoughts. Just try to find out the reason behind every thought. Do it for some time. Gradually your thoughts will decrease. Assume that your brain is becoming empty.. keep on doing this…
At a certain point, you will feel free. If you could feel that, then stop immediately. Because now your mood would be changed.
That’s enough…
You did it perfectly…!!!
Extra Tip:-  Always do something interesting in your life. Don’t be like Sandeep. This life is for full of enjoyment. Make use of it. Life is totally for you…

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