How To Practice Walking Meditation To Improve Your Concentration

                   Meditation is nothing but an observation. According to different religions, different meditation methods are available. Christians and Muslims are using prayers as their meditation. At the same time, Hinduism and Buddhism are meditating on silence. Among them, Buddhist meditation techniques are most popular around the world. India and China are the main roots of silent meditation. That is the reason behind “west is coming to the east”.
                     Walking meditation is a branch of meditation technique which was described in the Buddhist method. In Hinduism also walking meditation was mentioned. It is very simple and useful for beginners. In our current fast food and fast life culture, it’s importance is gradually increasing. Now let’s check how can we practice a walking meditation.

                     In Zen technique as well as in Yoga-sutra of Patanjali, ‘prana’ is the main factor of meditation. Our life depends on our prana, which is very difficult to describe. Prana is an energy which makes you alive or its the life content in your every breath. When you become to control over the prana, then you will attain consciousness instantly. If you are staying in consciousness, then you are a purity.

No future or no past can act on you.
You will become divine.

Our ancestors were found that observing prana is the best way to attain consciousness. Walking meditation is also following that golden rule. By doing this meditation, you will become divine, stress-free, empty, happy and free from lots of diseases.
Now, let’s find out the steps.

(1) Place and Time: You can select anytime and anywhere when you feel comfortable.

(2) If you are comfortable, you can practice a whole day.

(3) Before the start, close your eyes. Take a deep breath, which has to touch in your abdomen. Then you will feel an emptiness.

(4) Start walking. In every step, you have to follow the second technique of Bhairava Tantra. Let you take a breath. Observe that. And release your breath. Observe that. Just observe that cycle.

(5) Observe the way of breath from nostrils to abdomen. Then observe the return path also. Be aware of your breath.

(6) In each couple of steps, you can inhale and exhale. But don’t do it mechanically. Let it happen. You just observe that.

(7) When air filled your abdomen, assume that oxygenated pure blood is circulating to your whole body. feel that on your feet.
When you exhale, assume that all poisonous air you are releasing. And bad blood flows towards the heart. Observe, purification is happening.

(8) It’s too difficult to follow both (6) & (7) at the same time. But later we can. For beginners, better to follow (6) only.

                         Walking meditation is effective for your both physical and mental health. Its nothing but an observation on your Prana and purification. Just know yourself.

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