5 Tips to Find Who loves You – Reveals the Secret

                 Everyone has a curiosity to know about who loves us. Actually, we are always trying to impress others. So as usual a curiosity will arise that who loves us back. How does he/she think about me? Is she/he really love me? There are thousands of questions. Here I’m just fetching your mind to find actually who loves you. There are major 5 tips to find your love. It does not tip. Its just 5 questions only. Everyone just tries to answer it.

1) When your finger cut by knife who feels the pain first?

2) For whom you eat biriyani?

3) Why are you putting makeup?

4) Who will be with you in happiness as well as in sadnesses?

5) Who is taking care of your health more?

Maybe you felt these are confusing questions. But I prefer to select one common answer. Did you get it? No?
OK. I’ll say. It’s you. You only. You love you so much. When you cut your finger, you only feel ( all others are just an act). You are eating biriyani for your joy of tongue(refer Sigmund Froid). You are putting makeup to making you better. In happiness and sadness, you only will be there with you. And you only take care of your health ( wife, sister, girlfriend are actually acting. Mother only an exception).
Simply, YOU loves you more than anyone.  You need everything. you are always trying to make and feel better in you. Before love another person, just try to discover you in you who loves you most.

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