THATHWAMASI – The Meaning of Sabarimala

 In the heights of holiness, Sabarimala scored a unique level of existence among devotee’s mind. After the eighteenth step, a devotee will see this holy word which has written on top of temple’s entrance, “Thathwamasi”. By knowing its actual meaning, the devotee will attain consciousness.

                Thathwamasi is a Sanskrit phrase which has taken from Chandogya Upanishad. Its one of the Mahavakyas in Vedanta Sanatana Dharma. This word can be translated as ” You are that” or “It’s you”.

    Devotees are going to Sabarimala after completion of their sacrificial lifestyle around forty-one days. Everyone faces difficulties to go. After this all difficulties and vrutha, they are reaching at sannidhanam to see their Lord Ayyappa, who was the one and only thought in their life.

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The holy eighteen steps are one of the specialities of Sabarimala. Who carries Irumudikkettu only allowed to step in that holy steps. Every step are representing some inner meanings. those who steps will become free from all sins like kama, kroda, lobha, moha emotions ( lust, anger, desire etc). At the top, the eighteenth step is there, which is called the purifying step. After these all purification ( Which starts from Pamba), those who carried Irumudikkettu will see this word, “Thathwamasi “. Actually, this is the total meaning of Sabarimala pilgrimage. That’s the time to realise. After the holy eighteenth step, The Lord Ayyappa gives you a message, ” Thathwamasi “, “It’s you”.

:Whom you are searching?, Whom you want to see here? Actually, it’s you only. You are that. You are the Lord Ayyappa! You were searching for yourself and now you found!!!”

Here we have to understand this by an additional Mahavakya, “Adwaitham”, which proclaimed that “It’s one. Not two.” That means, The Lord Ayyappa and you are one and same. You, I, and God are same. It’s little difficult to understand for beginners. But its the ultimate knowledge. ” Aham Brahmasmi” is a Sanskrit word which you may have heard of. This word is also giving a similar concept. Aham Brahmasmi says I’m Brahman or “I’m The God.” Most of the Shiva followers were going behind this ultimate knowledge and they have become liberated. Sabarimala also giving you the same knowledge. After long days of devotion, when you reach Sabarimala, it’s the time to realise yourself. Its the first step of spirituality by an ultimate knowledge!!!

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