OSHO – A confusing word But He can give you a Happy Life

               They said mainly two types of spirituality is here. One is western and another is eastern. Probably Indian. (India is a great mother of different religions) But we can’t find the word ” Osho” neither in eastern nor western. As you know, Osho is a confusing wor


Osho died. But still, he is living.  But himself said that “Osho didn’t bear, didn’t die.” He just visited our earth in between the time period of 11 December 1931 and 19 January 1990. He was not only a guru but also a developer of unique modern meditation techniques. In 1974 he selected Pune as his permanent living place. And now it becomes the world’s biggest centre for meditation ( Osho common international )


The meditation technique of Osho is very different from ancient. As you know, Christians were become meditated by prayers. They are believing that words and tone can cure you (Actually its a hallucination state of mind ). In the Hindu religion, there are lots of type of meditation techniques are available. Patanjali had been practising those things and he had written an extraordinary book about it. We are calling Yoga. Yoga mostly describes postures and breadth controlling techniques. By comparison, we can say that Buddhism is the right religion which stands near to meditation. Gouthama Buddha was a great meditator. He had been living with a pure consciousness. He just said to relax and find yourself. What Osho did? He just picked something-something from eastern and western religions. He adopted the observation nature of Hinduism. Relaxation of Buddhism, nothingness of that and so on. In his mode of meditation, there is no need of postures. You can sit in any manner in which you feel comfortable. He had suggested that don’t make forcefully your mind empty. Then it will be equals to a graveyard. You just know and observe all around. Just observe your mind. That’s it! This technique is very effective and scientific. A human is nothing but a mind. And the mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts.

What does he mean?

He had admonished to live freely. Enjoy every moment of your life. For those who become conscious, he has no past and no future. He is living in present in all means. Be here. Live now. Don’t worry about your future as well as past. Don’t make confusion about, what will happen if you don’t plan for future.!! Osho said, just realize that, if you can justify yourself purely then everything will happen. Even from long distances, the people will come to you and you will shine like the great Himalayas. So don’t worry about the future. Everything will happen. Everything will be alright. You just learn to sit first. Just be here. Live now without thinking about the future or past. Probably you need a big courage to understand the word Osho.
Read Osho books and watch his videos on YouTube. Then you can definitely find a better happy life for you….!!

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