My God is Not Your God

              My God has no name. It cannot be defined. You cannot find him in temples, churches or in the mosque. But you can feel him only if you know him. Your god was created by a human. But my god almighty is not a human-made.

We have been searching for him for a thousand and thousands of years. Most of the people think god is the creator. Actually, you were created your god. As per your needs, you were made separate gods ( we can see this in both Greek and Hindu religion Athena, Apollo, Lakshmi, Saraswathi etc..). In the ancient age, nature was treated as the god. The sun, snake, tree etc. That thought may come from the deepest fear about the abnormal behaviour of nature. Later we have made better God and better stories.

                 After the 19th century, more people came against God theory. They became a rationalist. They have been asking for proof in the basics of science. But it is ridiculous to explain God. It’s a feeling only. As by the mystic Bowl, we can’t test the quality of rose and diamond in the same way. Science is science and God is the god. Till now science couldn’t explain all things of a human life. There is something beyond science.

My god is a universal energy. By Hindu religion, there are ‘Paramatma‘ and ‘Jeevatma‘, two energies, one is the universal energy and another is energy in all living beings ( after death ‘jeevatma‘ became dissolved in ‘Paramatma‘). It obeys energy conservation principle. Energy will change from one energy form to another. What energy is them in our body will go for another ( “Punarjanma” in Hindu religion). God is nothing but that energy. You can feel that energy by meditation. In temples, churches, and mosque you can feel him. He is there. He is in everywhere!!! But he will not listen to your prayers because he doesn’t know your language!!! Ultimately you are the part of God. You are the Brahman ( Aham brahmasmi). According to Osho, god is a nonsense!!! Its a dance, a celebration, a poem. It’s not about the intellectual. Its all about inner knowledge. Tertullian was a great Christian mystic. He said that I believe in God because God is a nonsense!!! There is no reason to believe.”

                 You cannot find God. Because he has no shape. But its possible to feel him. Some of our Maharishis did that. We are calling them enlightened persons. It’s a very simple theory. You have to be you. Don’t bring your past with you and don’t stick in future thoughts. Be here. Live now. It’s very simple but difficult to practice. Your mind is just like a monkey. He will jump here and there without any reason. Beware of him. Don’t control the mind. Just overcome. There is a number of ways to attain steady wisdom. Karma yoga, jnana yoga and more taught by Bagawath Gita. Tantra is also a way of spirituality. Whatever way you are selecting, the ultimate destination is enlightenment only. The enlightened person has no thought about the past or future. He is living in the present tense. He is watching or analysing the life unprepared or without any clouds of thoughts of mind. So he is living the real life. When a man becomes enlightened or a man became mindless, he attains the steady wisdom. From that moment, he will start to feel the God. He will become godly. He will feel the ultimate universal energy, The God!!!

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