How can You become a Budha?

               The Buddha is not a religion. Not a person. Not a thought at all. I can just define it as a consciousness. We studied that, Buddha was born in 567BC in Lumbini ( now in Nepal) in the name of Siddhartha Gautama. He had left his worldly life after marriage for his desire of seeking ultimate knowledge. As you know, finally he found it himself beneath a  banyan tree ( Bodhi vruksha). Then he becomes Buddha. Here I just want to say about the state of ‘Buddha’. After thousands of meditation experiences, he himself found and become a Buddha. Buddha is nothing but a state in which a person attains prabudhatha (consciousness).

How can you find a Buddha?

It’s very simple. But practically difficult. You may find a Buddha in street but maybe can’t find in an A/C room. You may in harlots maybe not in priests. When you found him, definitely you can’t look at his eyes. Because his eyes will say that, I know you. You can’t hide anything from me. I’m you. Buddha will be in a blissful energy at all time. He will smile at you, even if you will have not replied. Also, he will keep his smile. Because his happiness is independent. That means, his happiness will not dependent on your emotions or replies. You can’t attract him. But he can always attract you, actually, he will not do. He will not say, I fed up. He will not say, I’m boring. He will not say, I hate this life. Buddha is happy in each and every moment. He will not become depressed. He can teach you without any words.

How can you become a Buddha?

It’s also very simple, but difficult. As I told earlier, Buddha is a state of life. When you attain consciousness, definitely you will become a Buddha. There is one and the only mantra for becoming a Buddha is just “BE HERE. LIVE NOW”. Live in present tense without any plan for tomorrow as well as without any memories about past. Just be here. Look around and cut your thoughts. Make a blank mind. It’s difficult but possible. Use your huge energy in the present tense. Poke your intelligence. Wake up wake up and wake up. You need an extraordinary courage to break your all dreams and plans. You have to live without any intention. Just accept what life gives you. Don’t demand anything. Everything will happen. Break your dreams and plans and then try to hear what nature is trying to teach you. Discover the pure man in you. Be an original. Destroy your desires and addictions. “Live now. Be here” its that ultimate mantra for becoming a Budda.

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