What Budha said about Love ?

               I remember I said “I love you” to more than three persons. But Buddha said, ” I love all”. Buddha’s love is not your love. His countenance will not change according to climate. If you are an infidel or wretch its not a matter. But you don’t have to be a malcontent. That state is coming from your realization of the existence of life. Buddha said that there is no existence of life. Existence is sadness. Life is flowing like a river. Flow is its nature. Then how can you hold that? If you are trying to hold, it’s unnatural. Let it leave free.

                     You can’t follow Buddha. But possible to feel his love. You may comprehend the word love. It’s not between a girl and a boy. Rather a universal awakening.

         When a man loves a girl, he thinks that she is for him only. She has to talk to him only, think about him only and be with him only. If he notices her talk with someone, then he will become nervous. Actually, this is not calling love. Its utter bullshit and a slavery too. He became addicted to that girl. Look around. You can find thousands of slaves like this. They may proclaim that love is possessive. In India, marriage may be possessive. But not love. No one has ownership among them. neither she nor he. Love is not a WhatsApp text, not a Facebook like and not a three-hour phone call. Love is something beyond. Buddha was talking about that real love.

                    Don’t fall in love. We need to rise with love. Fall is slavery. And the rise is freedom. If you start to live without any previews, then you are really going to touch the true love. The true love is, always lying in the real world. Not in Maya  ( hallucinations). Previews vex your presence of mind and lead to some prepared decisions about life. For love, you have to be yourself. You have to live now and live here. When you are in actual love, you will forget about every past and future. You will live in presence. That is what is Buddha calling real life.

When you are in love, you will become a Buddha( A tantra of Vigyan bhairava tantra).
When you are in love, accept her completely. Just be a love. Love each and everything. Because, in this big universe, no one has an existence. You can love a tree, a flower, a plant, a hill… Anything!!! Then nature will love you back.
No need for a girl/boy to love. That is a low-level understanding. But be with a girl/boy is essential also. Buddha says, love all.
For Buddha, a man, an insect, a bird, a tree… All are the same. Everyone is a part of the same energy. So he loves all.

Love yourself!! Don’t be selfish. Love all with a selfless quality.
Remember, you are going to become a Buddha!!!!

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