Marriage: God has No Idea

             You are saying marriage is a divine thing. “In the name of God”, ” in presence of”, ” with the blessings of” or ” in front of the fire (Agni). But I want to say that, its nonsense!!! God has no idea about marriage. You may not believe. You may ask me that, “Jesus was a bachelor but Lord Krishna had a number of wives. The Nabi had wives. The Appollo had a wife. Shiva married Parvathi. Krishna married Radha. Lord Raman with Seetha. Even if are you saying god have no idea about marriage? ”
My humble answer is, Yes! I’m saying.

You know why?

Marriage is an institution. Made by our ancestors ( not God). They had found that human needs a control and discipline over his life. In each civilisation, they had unique rules and regulations. Indian man thinks that marriage has a holiness and we have to take care of our partner till death. In America, we can’t say this. You maybe don’t know, in some African gothras couples have to prove their sexual ability before marriage. Manusmrithi says that there were eight types of marriages in ancient India. Brahma, daiva, Marsha, prajapatya, Asura, Gandharva, rakshasa, and Paisacha marriages. Now we are hearing about rape and marriage cases. It was Pisacha vivaha in ancient time. Egypt has a different type of marriage. China has another.

Is there every country has a unique God?

God for India, God for America, God for Africa like that? No way! Or will god bless for both Indian marriage and Nigerian one which is conducting after sex?
Do you think, marriage in temple or church is better than our registrar’s office? ( don’t say No. Because I know the majority of you are searching for famous temples)
As you know, Divorces are happening gradually. They had married in the church or in the name of god or in presence of Agni. But they divorced!!! Can you blame on God? Don’t blame him. He doesn’t know anything about your marriage. He just allows you. Let it go.
Actually what is happening? You keep on doing something. Maybe arranged or without any knowledge of your patents, in absence of father or mother whatever it is. You think you need God’s blessing. After marriage, you will go for a prayer. The priest will give you blessings!!! He is the first fraud. Beware of him.
Poor God! He has no idea about marriage.
He just says that, find your soul mate. Do whatever you want. ( there is no word ‘ marriage)
Let it go!!
I’m talking about a universal true God. You can’t find him in your textbooks.
Marriage is your own choice.

You are only responsible ( Not God)!!!!

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