Fidel Fidelity


I‘ve cried silently,
A black dark night.
I’m alone in my simple boat
No stars and moon in high.
Almost at centre
of heavy river I’m.
A deadly silence covered me.
I’ve cried silently.
No one there to hear me
unless silence of nature.
Its raining, very cold.
I don’t have any blanket.
Just stands like a puppet.
My boat was old
Brocken roof and sides
As my mind is not fickle.
My fate fiddle me.
I thought it would
My last night.
At third stage of night
Almost I’ve seen death
He approaches with
A sad background score.
I’ve noticed suddenly,
tone changed
Switched to a fiddle music
that flowed slowly
A pleasure to ears.
He came!!! from underground,
He just risen up
with a huge ship of
thousands of lights.
Fidel, he was in the stern
with fiddle’s music
And fidelity.
He gave me a hand,
Light and life.
Now, I can see
everything is clear
I gonna rebuild my boat.
Will not give up the fight.
Oh Fidel, you was a light!!!

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