Sexual Harassment at Workplace? Reasons and Remedies

              When I was working as a salesman in a textile shop I got a friend, she was working as same. She was struggling to live her little life. She had to work there because of her family situation. The owner used to talk to her with foul languages. She adjusted because she was helpless. When I changed my job profile to an electrician, I had been working for a month in a constructing flat. I had seen lots of woman workers in construction duties. Old or newly married or lady with babies. Most of them were coming from other states. They were transplanted. The man had used them. Male workers ordered them as slaves. They were helpless. Later, I joined in an IT services company. There I got lots of emails regarding the precautions for this type of incidents. They are calling it is sexual harassment.

What is sexual harassment?

As defined by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC), It is unlawful to harass a person because of that person’s sex. In India, as per vishaka judgement, the definition of sexual harassment includes any unwelcome sexually determined actor behaviours such as physical contact and advances, demand or request for sexual favours, sexually coloured remarks, showing pornography or any other unwelcome physical verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.
In all circles of communities, sexual harassment can occur. It can be from the manager ( directly or indirectly), supervisor, coworker, peer or anyone.
Woman need equality in the workplace. She needs security. From ancient age itself, they were suppressed female as a second gender. And now it continues. That may be the root cause of sexual harassment. It’s happening even in IT companies. Mainly they are making conditions of employment dependent on the sexual favour. They may be demand target achievement or promotion, appraisals so on. When it happens on the poor, it is the brutal injustice because they may have no other options to live. My salesgirl and construction workers are included in that category. It’s a crime. This type of thousands of crimes is happening in a day. Because of fear and dignity, most of them are silent. Nowadays, we can’t say that our girls and women are safe in their workplace.

Why it is happening?

According to Sigmund Freud, our third mind layer always tries to fulfil their desires. Sex is an inbuilt desire of the human unconscious mind. Whenever he gets a chance, the third layer will not miss that. If the first layer fails to defend the third one, then we can expect a rape. Girls commonly not talk about sex openly. But man do. So its clear that sexual harassment at the workplace also depends on the behaviour of girls and their dressing style also. ( a low percentage reason only)
The human mind is very complex and with lots of contradictions. First of all, girls have to be keeping a distance from this type of vibrations. Normally man will not miss a golden chance. A man can also keep away from vibrations. But psychologically its very difficult. Especially we have to read this by connecting with the current situation of high pressure, target-based working style. We can’t say the reason is a victim. It’s ridiculous. If a man doing harassment, definitely he has a mental disorder. Situations were made by mind. Our girls need a very effective law and order to defend this crime. And our girls have to be show boldness and strength in the workplace. Most of them are helpless. Because of their family situations, they have to continue their job. They fear to complain against it. They become blackmailed. Even though we have education, this types of harassments are still hiding. Because of this tendency, only the sexual harassment is increasing. Our girls have to earn the courage to say “NO”.
Now, our law and order become very much strong in this area.
So, don’t fear. Write a petition right now.

Sexual Harassment Act and Criminal Law Amendment 2013.

The vishaka judgement for the first time in Indian history acknowledged sexual harassment at the workplace as a human rights violation. In 2013, India Government introduced two major acts that deal with the protection of women’s rights, Sexual harassment act and criminal law amendment act.
Sexual Harassment Act is providing woman protection against sexual harassment at the workplace and it assures their right to live with dignity as per Article 21 of the Constitution. This act is giving protection also for any age, whether employed or not, who alleges to have been subjected to any act of sexual harassment if she has relation with the workplace. It’s also applicable to the organised sector as well as the unorganised sector. In law, it states that, ” the statue, inter alia, applies to government bodies, private and public sector organisations, non governmental organisations, organisation carrying on commercial, vocational, educational institutes, sport institutions and stadium used for training individuals and a dwelling place or a house” all are will come under law. In IT companies and all other infrastructures, its available an ICC ( Internal complaints committee). At least 10 employees will be there to hear your sexual harassment-related complaints. A local complaint committee ( LCC) will be there in district level. They have the responsibility to provide a safe working environment, organise workshops and awareness programmes and so on.
The Criminal Law Amendment Act has introduced section 354A. An offence of sexual harassment is punishable with imprisonment of up to 3 years and/ or fine.
Most of us are not aware of these things. As we know, sexual harassment is gradually increasing. Lack of petitions is the main reason behind it. We have to show our courage and strength. Then definitely they will not repeat that.

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