“SEX NEWS” – You should Know the Secret

            Today evening, I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed. Suddenly I struck in a news. It was a link about some unnatural sex positions happened in somewhere else. I wondered because it was reported by a high rated newspaper. I clicked that link. It opened to their official site where they had described sex in a below third rate manner. Nowadays major newspapers and channels are following this deadly habit. So this is the right time to think about this newborn tendency.

Actually what happens?

Newspapers and news channels are the pillars of a nation. So they have that great responsibility to maintain their dignity. But in the current situation, all that becomes a business only. Money is first. Not their duty. Take today’s newspaper from your table. Can you see, first two pages were dedicated to advertisements? What is there on the next page? Rape, murder, gossips and so on… Nowadays as you know, the number of social media accounts are increasing. Even a five-year-old child has an account. Do you know, what he seeing? Do you know, what he searching?? You have been suggesting him or her to like news channels to improve his/her knowledge. Actually, it’s inevitable. But now it’s the time to rethink. You are interested in sex news, but remember your five-year-old child also opening the same. ( What he did? He just liked a page of a news channel)
Undoubtedly, our culture is going down. It’s the time to put a control over media by a thin line of moral values as Kerala sarkar put a control over teleserials. We have to protect even our younger generation.

What do they do?

Rating becomes the heartbeat of media. They are ready to do anything for that. here they are using some Freud psychology. Unconscious is the third and last layer of the human mind. Our greed, sex everything related to an animal is lying there. actually, we can’t control our unconscious, but when we are seeing that things, mind become precipitated and we would come under unconscious mind. We will click that link. Because, as a part of nature, everyone is connected to sex desires. These news channels or other pages are utilising that rule of nature. But we have to take care of our children.

What will happen?

Sigmund Freud proposed that if the child experienced sexual frustration in relation to any psychosexual developmental stage, he or she would experience anxiety that would persist into adulthood as a neurosis, a functional mental disorder.

What we can do?

Definitely, we need a diplomatic control over media with some moral values. facebook like social media and cyber cell networks have to be ensured the censoring of sexually exploited content sharing. If sarkar came forward on this case, then it will be a good decision as did in China. First of all the media and managing desk have to make the courage to say that, ” we don’t need to increase ratings through this type of third-rate things.

Sexual education

In India, now it’s inevitable to give sexual education at schools. We have to insert this in our current syllabus. Our children have to know about the holiness of sex which is the gift of God to reproduce ourselves. We have to teach them that don’t misuse its purity.
Then only our child will not click this types of sex news that revolving in social media.
Undoubtedly, it’s the right time to make a move. Raise your hand.
Save your child.

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