The First Night

She was in bed with her smartphone, when he came to his bedroom for the first night.
She just looked him and again
Engaged with her smartphone.
He sat on a chair in front of the laptop.
And he also started to ‘disturb’ his phone.
He sent a message to her in WhatsApp:
He sent: ” Today is our first night”.
-Yesterday had also night.
-With whom?
-Hehehe… alone.
-So, it’s the first night we are together.
– Oh… Yeah
She again engaged with another WhatsApp friends.
He waited for some time and again
Sent another message.
-How is your boyfriend?
-Haa… He is fine now.
He realized reality. Now searching for another girlfriend.
-And your girlfriend??
-Her marriage fixed today. She is happy.
-Oh.  So, our friends are happy.
-Yeah. Good news.
-Only one relief is that he will contact me again.
-Haa… She will also.
After some time he again sends.
-How was our marriage function today?
She replied: – Very boring.
-Yeah.. boring.
We can fix a party in a beach resort.
– Yeah.. we can enjoy..!!!
She posted one status in FB ;
” feeling sleepy”.
Now she sent a message to him
Through WhatsApp;
“Off the light please”…

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